Sizes are hard when you shop online. To make it a bit easier we've created a simple model, based on YOUR own favorite tee. All you need to do it to measure 'width' & 'hight' on your own tee (cm), compare it to the chart below, and you should be ready to go;

X-Large (XL): W 60 cm / H 76 cm

Large (L): W 56 / H 74 cm

Medium (M): W 53 cm / H 71 cm

Small (S): W 47 cm / H 66 cm

X-Small (XS): W 45 cm / H 64 cm

Please note: All Tee’s are hand painted, one of a kind, by Jacqueline Joseph / Admit To Bitter/ NYC, NY. 

- They are unique to the individual that wears them!

They may fade in time, must be washed in a delicate cycle in cold water. Must lay flat to dry. (Care instructions are included in each T-package.)